Our Focus

With the dizzying array of craft beer currently available, it may be hard to believe that there is any style left unexplored.  However, we believe there are two novel styles in particular that the beer market is largely unaware of – beer-wine hybrids and "Native" beers.  Allow us to explain...

"Native" beers: Michigan now produces craft malts, hops and brewer's yeast.  This means that it is possible to create beers where 100% of the ingredients have been grown and processed by Michigan businesses.  Even more fascinating, wild yeast that is indigenous to our state has been cultured and can be used for beer fermentation – these yeast strains can produce beers reminiscent of Belgian Ales, Saisons and even German Lagers.

Beer-wine Hybrids: although a few commercial examples exist, this pairing has great potential for further exploration.  Wine grapes and hops have many flavors and aromas in common (citrus, berries, spices) that complement each other and enhance a beer.

Starting out, Brewery Outré will focus on producing a prime example of each of these styles and will later expand into seasonal variations, mixed-culture fermentation and oak-aging.

Native Michigan Saison

Brewed with malted barley from Empire Malting Company (located in Empire, MI, i.e. "the most beautiful place in America"), Pilot Malt House wheat and Hop Head Farms hops from SW Michigan, this saison-style ale is fermented with a yeast strain indigenous to the Keweenaw Peninsula.

The result is a Michigan spin on the classic Saisons of Belgium.  Earthy and floral aroma, flavors of citrus peel and white pepper combined with a tart, mineral tang and a touch of toasty malt and wheat flour.  Wonderfully complex.   6% Alc by Vol.

SauvBlanc Saison

A French Saison-style ale brewed with a base of 100% Empire Pale malt and Hallterau Blanc hops imported by Hop Head Farms, fermented with Sauvignon Blanc juice.

Peppery Saison yeast flavors mingle with aromas of Pineapple, Passion Fruit, Lime and Lemongrass... everything you would expect in a Sauvignon Blanc!  Although technically dry, this beer retains a silky mouthfeel.  Lots of depth, yet quite refreshing to drink.           6.5% Alc by Vol.