Brewery Outré started as the project of Ted Linabury, a long-time homebrewer and Michigan State grad currently working as a mechanical engineer in Kalamazoo.

Starting in 2017 we partnered with an existing brewery and meadery, American Brewers Inc, located at 3408 Miller Rd in Kalamazoo. Brewing on their 1 BBL pilot system allowed us to launch the Brewery Outré brand and get beer to the market considerably faster, and with far less capital investment than starting from scratch. However, brewing on such a small scale is not a suitable long-term solution.

Thus, in spring of 2020, we wrote a business plan for our own taproom, complete with upgraded brewing equipment. In the following year we secured funding and began working with developers to design a brewing space into the new Harrison Circle apartment building in downtown Kalamazoo.

Please check out our new blog and Facebook page to see the latest taproom construction updates!