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Why We Brew

With the dizzying array of craft beer currently available, it may be hard to believe that there is any style left unexplored.  However, there are two novel styles that we specialize in that—for some reason—aren't as common as we believe they should be: beer-wine hybrids, also known as oenobeers—from the Greek word oinos, meaning "wine"—and "native" beers, which rely on locally-grown ingredients to inflect the nuances of a region's unique terroir.

Beer-wine Hybrids: Although a few commercial examples exist, this pairing has great potential for further exploration. Wine grapes and hops have many flavors and aromas in common (citrus, berries, spices) that complement each other and enhance a beer.

"Native" Beers: Michigan now produces craft malts, hops and brewer's yeast.  This means that it is possible to create beers where 100% of the ingredients have been grown and processed by Michigan businesses.  Even more fascinating, wild yeast that is indigenous to our state has been cultured and can be used for beer fermentation; these yeast strains can produce beers reminiscent of Belgian Ales, Saisons and even German Lagers.

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