We don't have a kitchen at Brewery Outré—we're brewers, not chefs.

But don't worry, there are still be plenty of food options—actually, there's anything you could want because you can BRING YOUR OWN FOOD or ORDER DELIVERY!

Just no outside alcoholic beverages.

Check out all of the available taproom food options below.

Bar Snacks

Coming soon! We'll have a variety of snacks available for you to crunch, including Great Lakes Potato Chips, bar mix featuring malted grains, and more.

DIY & Delivery

You're welcome to pack a picnic, pick up something on your way, or order delivery—but again, just no outside alcoholic beverages.

If you're ordering delivery, the address is 567 E. Ransom St., but the entrance to the brewery is on E. Butler Ct. Please let your driver know this, and meet them in the hallway or at the door when picking up your food.

Walnut & Park Café

Our neighbors at Walnut & Park have coffee roasted by Creation Coffee, teas, and a delicious food menu—we definitely recommend you check them out.

Food Trucks

In addition to Walnut & Park on-site and a myriad of delivery options, we're planning to host local food trucks from time to time (because we love food trucks) and hope to turn this into a regular thing. If we're hosting a food truck, we simply ask that you check out what they've got cooking—it's probably amazing.