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Brewery Outré Craft Beer Flight

Our Beers

What makes a beer more than good, but truly special?

It's the terroir—the distinct flavors that a region's soil, water, and air lend to each ingredient as it grows.


With every beer we brew, we aim to capture Michigan's terroir and express these nuances in interesting and innovative ways. Whether it's a more traditional style of beer with a Michigan twist, a funky Brettanomyces ale that reminds us of the countryside, or an oenobeer that pushes the boundaries of what beer is, our focus on terroir makes each of our beers truly unique to our home in The Mitten.

Regular Rotation

These are some of the beers that you'll frequently find on tap at the brewery. However, they might not all be on tap all the time. We'll blame your unquenchable thirst for that.


Because local ingredients like rhubarb and freshly-harvested hops only come around once a year—or maybe the weather's just got us in the mood for a certain brew—these are our fermented creations that change with the Michigan weather (ok, a bit more predictably).


Maybe it's barrel-aged ale and takes a while to mature. Perhaps it was a one-off experiment that went very right. Or it could be something we brew just once in a blue moon. These are our rarities—they might be back, they might not... at least for a while. But when they do make an appearance, every drop is worth savoring.

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